Ta[y]lor-made: “made or seeming to have been made for a particular person or purpose.”

– Merriam-Webster

IMG_1148 (1)The sweet baby girl who made me a mama.

I was made to be a mama to Taylor. She gives me a sense of purpose like I’ve never known, and I love her so much I feel it in my bones. Becoming her mama has been so many things – overwhelming, exhilarating, exhausting, joy filled, emotional and almost surreal at times.  My reality has been altered and my identity redefined. I am Taylor’s Mama. Yet, I am still all of the things I was before she was born [except pregnant, of course!].

Once we’re made mamas, we don’t leave behind all that we were prior: lovers, volunteers, professionals, besties, foodies, fit chicks, etc. However, most of us find re-composing ourselves to be a bit challenging:

  • Whether by necessity or choice, many of us return to work either full or part time. We worry about the time away from our little ones, and wonder how we can sanely balance both a career and the full-time [24/7]  job of being being a [GREAT] mama.
  • Grabbing dinner with a girlfriend used to be as easy as picking a date and place with a good wine list and a killer salad burger. The only thing barring “date night” was being too exhausted from a long Friday at work, and choosing a lazy night of Lululemon + wine + Netflix binging instead [almost always the better choice anyway!].
  • We want to look and feel our best postpartum, yet working out 4-5 days a week for 1-2 hours a pop just doesn’t fit into many of our lives anymore. Or maybe that didn’t ever fit, and the idea of starting a routine now seems completely daunting. Where and how to even start?

So, is it possible to thrive at work [without guilt], get back into shape [and NO, self-care does not make you vain], and see our relationships continue to grow and flourish, all while being the STELLAR mamas our babes deserve? 

I believe it is absolutely possible, and I intend to get creative and make the adjustments necessary to find a balance that makes me the best version of myself, and therefore the best mama I can be for Taylor.

As I write this, I’ve only been at this mothering business for 2.5 months. I claim no expertise or answers other than what I’ve learned works for my family and I through trial and error, as well as the wisdom I’ve gleaned from others. Honestly, I made it through these first months in tact by relying on the shared experience, tips and advice from the awesome been-there-done-that mamas I know; their willingness to reach out, encourage and support me as I embark on this new journey has been absolutely invaluable.

If I can be an encouragement and resource like that to someone else, help a new mama feel less crazy/confused/overwhelmed, recommend something that may work for another mom and/or her little one, build connections between women around motherhood, and foster a community of sharing things that can help us to be better mamas and versions of ourselves, then I will have accomplished what I hope to with this endeavor.

I’m really looking forward to sharing with you.

xo, Ashley (1)