Easy + Yummy Toddler Approved Green Smoothie Recipe

Easy toddler approved green smoothie recipe. Even your most picky eater will get the vegetables and nutrition they need with this yummy green smoothie.

Why Green Smoothies? Does your toddler love to eat veggies? Do you have the time to cook fresh vegetables to accompany every meal they eat? If you answer no to either of those questions, read on and pin this easy toddler approved green smoothie recipe! From the time we introduced solids and started making out homemade baby food, Taylor would pretty much eat anything, including veggies, at every meal. “Score!”, we thought…However, at around 15 months she began to really develop her independence[Read more]

Toddler Schedule + Routine For A Stay At Home Mom

Are you a stay at home mom of a toddler looking to add more structure, routine and “me time” into your weekdays?  A work at home mom who wonders how to get everything done in the day? New to the stay at home mom club and need more routine in your daily life? A mama thinking about making the transition from working mom to stay and/or work at home mom? Or perhaps you’re just curious about what Taylor and my[Read more]