Helping Your Baby Get Through Vaccinations

Before Taylor’s 2 month check up, I posted the photo below and the question, “Little miss is getting her shots today…what advice do you have for getting through this with as little pain/tears as possible?”.

Poor little cutie had no idea….

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of responses I received from my fellow mamas, and wanted to share all of their input on this forum so that other new mamas can benefit. Whether or not you choose to vaccinate is a very personal decision. If you do decide to vaccinate, hopefully the advice below will help you know what to expect and give you ideas for how to navigate the experience, as it did for me.

Wear her in a baby carrier… I did that and it worked great.
Lots of snuggles afterward, and nurse her right after too! The pain and crying is inevitable, but you can soothe her pretty quickly. [My daughter] cried hard for 1-2 minutes, but then it was all over.
Boob or bottle right after.
Our pediatrician always has me hold her when she gets her shots. But the crying only lasts for about 2 minutes. As soon as it’s done and the nurse is gone then she’s over it. But I would definitely recommend having the bottle ready or nurse her if she doesn’t stop crying.
It’ll be over quick! Lots of cuddles and nursing should help.
Massage the shot site. It’s harder for mom than it is for baby.
Shots weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. I have one twin that handles them like a champ & one that cries pretty hard at first but lots of cuddles & kisses later & he’s ok. I do notice a mild fever afterwards for a day or so. I cried too, so the snuggles afterwards is good for both of you.  Luckily the shot site doesn’t hurt for too long afterwards. Also, take the band aids off during bath time so the adhesive isn’t so sticky.
You will definitely hurt more than she will!!
I always held her. And I also gave Tylenol before the appointment so it was in her system when the shots were given. They recommended I do that. It’s hard! I think it hurts mommy more than baby!
Both my kiddos reacted to shots with a slight fever and sleepiness when they were babies. They napped extra long and it freaked me out!! But – it’s totally normal.I think pre-shot Tylenol is a great idea! I never did that. I called the advice nurse with [my son] since I was freaked and she calmed me down. It’s not necessarily common but it can happen! The sleepiness and irritability though is pretty common though. I remember a friend’s baby took a 5 hour nap afterward!
Yes tylenol before or right when you get home (doctor’s office should have a dosage chart based on her weight). She’ll only cry for a minute. [My daughter] was just sore and crabby the next day (no tylenol). At her next appointment, i gave tylenol when i got home, she was completely normal (no soreness or crabbiness!). Keep in mind that a few minutes of crying (or even a day of crabbiness) is WAAAAY better than her getting any of the diseases she’s being vaccinated for!!
Best of luck to you momma, I think it’s just as hard or harder on us. Just FYI. She may sleep a lot after, at least my little one does. None of us know until we do, it’s great to see you have a wonderful support group. Most of all, trust your instincts and know you are an amazing momma.
Epsom salt baths afterwards to pull out the toxins that are in shots. And I’ve read that aspirin or Tylenol can actually increase the bad reaction to vaccines, so I’d google that before doing it. Also, I highly highly recommend a delayed schedule. We were only given 1/4 of the vaccines they give babies now.And hey, keep in mind, you’re her mama. If you feel uneasy about something and the doctor’s are pressuring you, go with your gut. Mamas have intuition and know their babes. I’ve been kicked out of my fair share of doctor’s offices, but I do what I feel is best for my babies, and you should too.
There were a few shots I waited on giving.  We gave them eventually but not in batches like some recommend.  The flu and Chicken pox we waited on since they aren’t viruses that are deadly if the happen to get them.  I just made sure they got the chicken pox vaccine before they started school.  But yes, discuss delayed vaccinations.  4 at a time always seemed a little extreme.
I always have my kids some Tylenol before to help with the pain after.  Then right after shots I’d nurse to help them get their mind off it. See if the nurse can have all shots prepped and ready and do them quickly after each other so there is very little wait time in between.
Tequila for you!
You are going to cry too! Nap when she does today.
Lots of cuddling and feeding her right after helps!
Daddy was contracted for shot day. Couldn’t do it myself, I would snap at the nurse.
I cried when both of my kids got their 2 month shots, I agree  with several previous post: hold her, tylenol  for her and just have an eye on her temp and never hesitate to call the doctor if you feel something is not right.
You can hold her while she’s getting the shot which will comfort her. Did that until [my son was 2. In addition we spread out his shots so he didn’t get four, but only two in one session. Dr Sears has great sample schedules on that.
Tylenol every 4 – 6 hours.
Nurse her as soon as you can, if you’re breastfeeding. Otherwise, it will be over fast.
A little tylenol before the appointment and nurse as soon as the shots are done. My pediatrician just let me sit in the exam room until I was done nursing so I’m sure they make accommodation and allot time for that, so don’t feel stressed about taking up time in the room. She’ll be fine! It’s tough to watch them scream, but she’ll be okay.
If she won’t nurse after, wrap her up! That worked like a charm for us.
Breastfeeding after helped so much! He was calm in a few minutes and then he was good the rest of the day. He never did get a fever either.
It’ll only hurt for a little bit – she’ll be fine. But definitely big hugs and lots of kisses right after.
Make sure to check with your doctor before giving any meds (over the counter or prescription) rather than searching the interwebs or taking advice from friends. Ditto for concerns about vaccine schedules, possible reactions etc. Your baby’s doctor went to school for a LONG TIME, attends continuing education to remain current on medical best practices, and cares deeply about his/her patients. If you don’t trust your doctor to make the best recommendations for your baby (including addressing concerns!), consider finding a new doctor. Just some thoughts from a medical professional.
Sooooo, honestly, the shots were actually harder on her than I even anticipated [i.e. not breathing for several seconds, maroon face + head from crying so hard, unable to nurse, etc.] but I was able to stay strong and comfort her. Luckily my mom was able to accompany us, which also gave me extra strength. The nurse gave her three separate shots, which I thought was almost cruel – next time I think I’ll ask that at least two be given at once if possible. I chose to start nursing her before the shots were even given, but that didn’t seem to help distract her from the pain/surprise.  Even though my super sensitive little babe had a tough time, these words brought me a lot of comfort going in; I felt prepared for what was to come and how to handle it. Had I been as nervous as I was prior to reaching out and receiving the advice of these women, I’m sure she would have felt that and she would have been even more upset. And, everyone was right – she took an epic 5 hour nap in her DockATot. I felt like she was a little “off” when she woke up from the nap, and was definitely fussy, so I gave her some Infant Tylenol. But, after sleeping through the night, she woke up with a smile on her face and without fever. It truly takes a village, and I’m so thankful for mine and the advisement they gave in this situation.
5 hour post-vacc nap!
I hope you’ll continue to be a part of my “village” here where we can share with and encourage one another as we journey through motherhood.

How did your babe’s vaccinations go? How did you get them and yourself through it?

xo, Ashley (1)


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  1. I’m with you Mama. I cried and made my husband hold him while I stepped out during the actual shots. I nursed him right after and cuddled him hard for the day. I like the idea of having them in the soft wrap for the shots, I’ll do that for his next round. And the Epsom salt bath! Thanks for all of the ideas. Definitely harder for us than them, but it’s for the best:)

    1. Agreed : ) I hope my husband is in town for this next round. I think I will try the wrap/carrier idea next time too, as WOW the nursing during didn’t work for lil mama. Thank you for reading!!! Xo

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