How To Be Confident In Your Postpartum Body

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Have you lost all the weight you gained during pregnancy, or maybe none at all? Maybe you’ve even gained a few extra pounds? Is your skin looser, your belly softer? What about stretch marks? Are your muscles less defined? How about finding cellulite in places you don’t remember having it? Do you wake with heavy, dark-rimmed eyes from lack of sleep?

Well, I have something to tell you and I want you to really hear it – you are BEAUTIFUL.

Society puts so much expectation and value on “getting your body back” or keeping up with a certain standard of postpartum put-togetherness. But the truth is that your post baby body and self really is beautiful, in the very truest sense of the word.

When you get down onto the floor to play and interact with your little one even though your knees and back ache, you are beautiful.

When you wake in the middle of the night – eyes half closed in delirium – to nurse or warm a bottle for your sweet baby, you are beautiful.

When you hold your little one after they’ve fallen asleep until your arms ache and burn, just so you can savor the closeness for even a few minutes longer, you are beautiful.

When leggings are all that fits comfortably over your new, softer shape as you get ready in the morning for your 24/7 shift of mommyhood, you are beautiful.

When the muscle you worked so hard to build has dwindled away, but the extra hours you once spent lifting in the gym are now spent lifting and nurturing your babe, you are beautiful.

When you sacrifice your sleep, your time, your figure, your career, and even your sanity sometimes, all for the benefit of that precious gift you’ve been given, you are so very beautiful.

You held and sustained a life within you for 9+ months, and you give your all to nurture that same life now. Eventually the weight will come off, the bags under your eyes will lighten up as you’re able to get more sleep, the stretch marks will fade, and some day {when your little one isn’t so demanding} you’ll have the time to “get your body back” if you choose to. You may also decide that goal is not as important as you thought it would be, if at all.

You are a different woman now; you’ve changed from the inside out, just as your body has. You are more compassionate toward yourself and able to see more clearly what truly matters. You appreciate what your body was able to accomplish and are in love with the product of your labor, quite literally. Your priorities and perspectives have shifted and you know in your bones that you are beautiful just as you are, physical reminders and all. If you can’t feel this right now, allow yourself to start to. It’s the truth and a foundation for confidence worth cultivating.

You are beautiful, Mama. Believe it.

xo, Ashley (1)


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17 thoughts on “How To Be Confident In Your Postpartum Body

    1. Seriously! Pregnancy is such a miracle – I’m so thankful my body was able to carry and deliver my precious baby girl! Thank you for reading, Naya.

  1. Love, love, love! Even 3 years later, I still struggle but think of ALL I’ve done since baby. What a great post for all mamas!

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! It took going through pregnancy and gaining weight/losing muscle to make me finally come to peace with my body after years of being so harsh with myself. I really want other mamas (including you!)to have that same peace as well. Xo

  2. Thank you for this! It’s so true. We may not have the same amount of time to devote to our fitness levels with new babies, but we’re doing something even more special.

    1. Exactly, Jacki! I had grand plans to jump right back into my fitness routine, but that hasn’t panned out. But honestly, I’m so glad it hasn’t, because it’s helped me bond more with my daughter and chill out with pressuring myself to hold to a certain standard (that only I am actually holding myself to). It’s quite freeing to accept and appreciate our bodies for what they have done/are doing!

  3. What a wonderful post. Really. This is one of the hardest parts of post partum. It was even harder for me after having my second. I’m just now getting comfortable with my new self. And this was what I needed today. You are beautiful mama.

  4. This made me tear up, so beautiful. Thank you for writing this. I’ve learned to love my postpartum body (after 3 babies), this would’ve so nice to hear as a young, first-time mom.

    1. Julie, thank you so much for reading and commenting. My hope is that first-time mom’s will read this and keep them from the unnecessary self-consciousness and worry.

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