Working Mama’s Pumping Bag

Working Mama's Pumping Bag (1)

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T minus 5 days until the bliss that is Maternity Leave ends, and I return to work. True to the OCD that is within, all my bags are packed and ready to go: gym, daycare, meals, work/computer, and the subject of today’s post – the Pumping Bag! I’m a complete amateur at this working mama thing, so preparing ahead of time makes me feel more confident about the transition back.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

These days, most insurance covers a free breast pump. I chose to purchase my own because I wanted to have it from day one after Taylor’s birth, in case I needed it. Also, I liked the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump {not the one covered by my insurance} because it included a spacious tote that was also conspicuous enough for me to bring anywhere I needed to. It has a nice amount of space to store all the gear I need:

pumping bag contents
The contents of my Pumping Bag.


1.Wet/Dry Bag: These bags are über convenient. I also have one for my daycare and diaper bags as well.

2. Extra Pump Parts: I bought an extra set of pump parts so that I don’t have to necessarily wash the parts after each pump. I can just put the used set in the Wet/Dry bag to wash when I get home and use my second set for the next pumping session at work. I also keep two extra bottle lids and filters in the dry pouch.

3. Breast Pump & Accessory Wipes: This is another convenient way to keep everything clean and sanitary, without having access to a sink when you’re on the go. If I’m not on the go, and at my office, I’ll wipe off my pump parts before putting them in the wet/dry bag and put the bag in the refrigerator to keep it sanitary until the next pump. At night, I wash everything with soap and warm water at home.

4. Nursing Cover: In case I need to pump in my car or other non-private location.

5. Disposable Nursing Bra Pads: Because, leaks.

6. Snacks! – Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar: These protein bars are seriously delish – they have tons of flavor options and taste just like a wafer cookie, I swear.

7. Mini hand sanitizer – I like this alcohol free version.

8. Cooler and extra bottles

9. Hands-free pumping bra: This is an absolute must have item. I can still work on my laptop or make phone calls, while taking care of my other business : )

UPDATED 8/27/2016:

After being back at work for a month, and temporarily not having a private office to take care of business, I decided to transfer all the contents of my Medela tote {see above} into a larger, more inconspicuous, purse-looking bag. As I move throughout the office to whichever destination I end up in for the particular pumping session, no one is the wiser that I’m not just carrying a purse.  I found the perfect one by Sole Society:

I also came up with another time saver {and reason for needing a larger bag!}. I now store my pump parts in this Skip Hop cooler in between sessions, essentially utilizing it as a mini fridge. This saves me from needing to wipe down and sanitize in between pumpings!

I hope that this post was helpful for any nursing mamas preparing to head back to work, or gave ideas to add convenience for those who already have returned!

What do you pack in your pump bag? I can’t be the only perma-hungry nursing mama out there – what are your favorite healthy, go-to snacks?

xo, Ashley (1)

P.S. If you’re still nursing, make sure to check out all my posts on breastfeeding & pumping.

PS The tote I use for my pumping bag is this one by Sole Society, but here are several others that would be super cute:


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10 thoughts on “Working Mama’s Pumping Bag

  1. Thanks for a great update!im on baby two and love getting better info each time I read the blog! Quick question: the handled “bag” that is holding the motor in your topmost pic is great – do you know where I can get one of those? I will look around but that would make it easy to walk away from the medela bag (which I use but have always kinda disliked because it isn’t my style).

    1. Hi Debbie, I’m so happy you’re getting useful information from my posts. I had the same experience with the Medela bag, and just had to change it out for something more stylish : ) the picture of the handled carrier for the pump motor is on Amazon, but unfortunately it looks like it’s part of a starter set. I tried to look for you to see if they sell it separately, but I’m not having any luck.

  2. Hi there! This is so helpful. A couple of questions-

    1) does your pump, cooler for milk, and skip hop cooler all fit in the Sole Society bag (in addition to the other items you listed)? I like the bag a lot but I wasn’t sure if it would fit the pump and 2 coolers.

    2) Do you put the pump parts in the skip hop bag between sessions just with an ice pack? Or do you then store the skip hop bag in the fridge?


    1. Hi Rory! Great questions. 1) yes, all 3 fit. I put the cooler in the middle and it works perfectly, with room for the wet/dry bag on top. 2) I put the pump parts in the bottle cooler with an ice pack bc I’m on the road a lot. I wipe out the cooler every evening. Hope that helps and happy pumping!

  3. Hi when u changed ur bag did u stay with the same pump? And if so how do u cary the motor around??

    1. Hi Maria! Yes, I kept the same pump. I placed the motor inside my tote bag facing upward. It for perfectly!

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